MacG Names SA Rappers Who Refused To Attend The Podcast And Chill Interview

MacG Names SA Rappers Who Refused To Attend The Podcast And Chill Interview. The popular Podcast and Chill host MacG has become a fan favorite in recent years for his ability to penetrate his guests’ defensive gear and unearth some jewels. The podcaster has been offering content that has garnered him, die-hard followers, he calls “the Chillers.”

MacG Names SA Rappers Who Refused To Attend The Podcast And Chill Interview

Podcast And Chill might have attracted well-known celebrities in Mzansi and beyond, but not all of them have accepted the request to have an interview on the podcast. In a video clip that was shared by one of the popular tweeps ThisIsColber, MacG, and his Co-host Sol Phenduka weighed in on SA hip hop artists who have refused to show up for the interview.

MacG mentioned that he appreciated people who have been honest with him when it comes to showing up for an interview with him. “There are some celebs that we reached out to and they were like noo, they just mize or bluetick us,” he says.

MacG went on and give props to DJ Euphonik for being honest about not coming to the interview. “I appreciated guys who are like, listen I love your sh** but i don’t wanna come on, like Euphonik I tried to have him on, he was like, listen dawg I would love to come but I don’t trust myself,” said MacG.


The Podcaster went on and revealed some of the SA rappers to whom he has reached out for an interview. “How long have we been trying Boity?” He asked. MacG revealed an encounter he had with Boity when he asked her but she just avoided the conversation. “Hie I wanna come but the time I will let you know,” MacG said referring to Boity’s response.


Cassper, not ever he is never ever gonna come. MacG further shared the encounter he had with Cassper’s manager after he proposed an interview. “You know what happened with Cassper, I will call TLee, im like yo TLee can we do an interview, he would be yo we not doing interviews, and then next week he is on some podcasts or some TV show, so yeah he is not coming.”


MacG revealed the reason why Moozlie is one of the SA rappers who will not come to have an interview with him. He mentioned that he has reached out to her twice to no avail. “Moozlie definitely not coming, we tried to have her twice and she blew us off twice,” he said.

“The second time it was some sponsored thing I was doing some stuff with Castle Lite and she was one of the people they were working with and they want her to come and jump on the show, that didn’t happen, so I don’t think she is gonna come.


In AKA coming to Podcast And Chill interview, MacG revealed that the rapper’s situation was very weird. He revealed that he managed to have an interview with the AKA’s manager but failed to get the World Is Yours hitmaker to the show. “AKA was very weird man, because if you remember I did a manager’s episode with AKA’s manager Tiamo,” he said.

MacG mentioned that AKA’s manager made it clear that the rapper is scared something that really shocked him. “So after that, me and Tiamo we started growing a relationship, so I tried since then to him up for AKA, but he keeps on saying broe is scared.” He said.

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