Emtee Speaks On What Killed SA Hip hop. Mzansi appears to be divided about the future of SA hip-hop, with many outstanding acts such as Cassper Nyovest, Reason, and Boity taking their chances to catch on to the amapiano trend. Amapiano is currently the most played genre in South Ah right now, but it’s still not clear what made SA hip hop to be labeled a dead genre.

Emtee Speaks On What Killed SA Hip hop

During an interview with Slikour on SlikourOnLife, Emtee made it known that SA hip hop was progressing well until the pandemic. “It’s becoming harder to make a career out of hip hop, From 2012 until 2020, hip hop was on its way to being you know, the biggest genre after COVID,” he said.

The rapper further illustrated that he doesn’t want to pin the downfall of SA hip hop on the pandemic, but he also admitted that it is the reality that COVID killed SA hip hop. “I don’t wanna blame the pandemic, but let’s face it COVID killed hip hop because we are unemployed realistically speaking,” he said.

The rapper has also made a commitment to put on the work and save SA hip hop and take it back to the status quo it belongs to“Yoh, this is Emtee The Hustler, and I’m making a commitment to save hip-hop,” he said.

During his time at Ambitious, Emtee was involved in a number of contentious episodes. The rapper has matured into a respectable father who is now pursuing his own achievement under his record label and to save SA hip hop along the way.

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