Black Twitter Defends Nadia Nakai From Trolls For Dating AKA

Black Twitter Defends Nadia Nakai Against Trolls For Dating AKA. AKA and Nadia Nakai have never ceased to have romantic moments together since bringing their romantic engagement into the public eye. The two South African rappers have been spotted enjoying each other’s company on multiple occasions.

Black Twitter Defends Nadia Nakai From Trolls For Dating AKA

Their relationship has stirred different mixed reactions on the TL with tweeps dragging Nadia Nakai for degrading herself and her career to being just AKA’s girlfriend. The female rapper has been topping the trends on social media for all the wrong reasons.

Many people believe that since the artist confirmed that she is now AKA’s girlfriend, a lot of things have changed about her. A video showing the two hugging in public space went viral a few days ago, and many believe her significance is latching on to being AKA’s girlfriend.

Social media has been flooded with remarks towards Nadia for dumping Family Tree only to be AKA’s girlfriend. A Twitter user left the whole timeline spellbound after mentioning that Nadia has transitioned from a potential brand to simply AKA’s girlfriend.

Nadia Nakai is yet to react to claims that have been made on the timeline. The rapper has recently bagged a gig on the Netflix reality show Young Rich And Famous. At the same time, she is yet to deliver on what she has been known for in the SA hip hop. Check out some of the Twitter reactions towards Nadia Nakai dating AKA.

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